Vehicle Graphics Grow Business In Kona

Like it or not, Hawaii Island is a vehicle-dependent place. Very few people live walking distance to stores, and the best of the island–the beaches and countryside–are always a drive away.
This makes your car or truck an ideal way to promote your business. The simplest way to do that is car magnets. These are durable, reasonably inexpensive and can be removed easily. A set of these, including design, are available for about $100.
The next level of vehicle graphics is semi-permanent vinyl. This is affixed to a window, door, bumper or hood and will last several years. It is a bigger investment than magnets, mostly because of the time needed to install.
A third product Kona Impact has for vehicles is see through material. This can be mounted on windows and does not impair ones ability to see out. We can print just about anything on these, and the install is relatively easy. The big cost of for see through vehicle graphics is the material cost. That said, we really love this material for creative an impact with vehicle advertising.
Here is a picture showing semi-permanent vinyl and a full-wide see through graphic. It looks great, and it is a wonderful way to advertise your business wherever you are. If you’re interested in vehicle graphics on Hawaii Island, give us a call or stop by our shop in Kailua-Kona. 329-6077. Call for an appointment.