Project Completed: Mark Tomczak Fine Art

One of the things we believe strongly at Kona Impact is to avoid over designing websites. By this we mean, letting the content of the website become the focus instead of the design. Far too many websites fill the space with superfluous graphics and animation, which has the effect of making the content, the actual reason for the website, secondary.
A good example of letting the content become the focus is a recent project we finished for Mark Tomczak Fine Art. Mark is a talented local artist who wanted to create an online sales channel for his artwork. Until now he had no way to show his artwork to buyers and gallery owners around the world.
When we began discussions with him, we quickly found ourselves on the same page. Let the art speak for itself. With that as our goal, we worked with Mark to develop a site that was a clear and elegant forum to display his very colorful art. We went with a black background, intuitive navigation and an easy-to-follow check out and payment system.