Project Completed – M & M Kona Coffee

Many people do not know that there is only one state in the United States that grows coffee–Hawaii. Within Hawaii, the most prized coffee comes from the Kona region of Hawaii Island. Due to a lot of environmental factors (volcanoes, soil, weather patterns, etc.) the coffee grown in the Kona region has a superb taste. Another characteristic of this region is the vast majority of Kona coffee is grown on small family farms, many 3-5 acres.
Michael and Mary of M &M Kona Coffee are epitomize all that is great about Kona coffee. Their farm is located in the heart of of the Kona region and they are in control of their coffee from planting to sending out the roasted coffee. This is what is called Estate Kona Coffee, coffee that comes only from one farm and is therefore a “pure” coffee, not blended with other coffee. Almost without exception, the coffee that you will find at a grocery store on the U.S. Mainland (including all the Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, Peet’s, etc.) is coffee blended from tens if not hundreds or thousands of farms.
If you compare estate Kona coffee to wine, it would be a brand name wine with grapes only coming from one farm. Most store bought coffee is equivalent to Ernest and Julio Gallo–a hodgepodge of grapes processed to create a uniform, uninspiring taste.
We at Kona Impact are passionate about Kona coffee. Simply put, estate Kona coffee is best coffee we know. If you would like to experience the taste of awesome, high-quality gourmet coffee, order a pound or two from M & M Coffee. Be forewarned, however, you’ll never drink low-quality store bought coffee again.

M & M Kona Coffee