Project Completed: Alii Gardens Marketplace Sign

One of the most cost-effective, revenue generating thing a business can do is upgrade its signage. The saying that signs don’t cost, they pay, is certainly true in most instances.
One of our recently completed projects is new signage for the Alii Gardens Marketplace. This is a nice, open air market on Alii Drive. Popular with tourists and locals, this market is a place for locals to sell their goods, including artwork, aloha shirts, local crafts, jewelry and locally-grown food.
Our goal with the sign was to focus on the “marketplace” aspect and lessen the focus on the “Alii Gardens” aspect, as, in the past, this has tended to confuse passer-byes, as they often thought it was a gardening center or a tourist attraction.
While we won’t go into too much detail, this sign is built to last. Using only top-quality materials and taking the time to make sure we prepared and applied the material correctly, make this a sign that will be there for years to come…and still look great.
If you’re new to Kona or just here for a vacation, take a few hours of a day and visit some of the shops at the Alii Gardens Marketplace. It’s located about a mile and a half south of Kailua Village on Alii Drive. Just look for the signs!
And, if you’re a business owner looking to gain better visibility, give us a call. We can help! 329-6077.