Project Compassion to Benefit Habitat for Humanity

One of Kona Impact’s favorite non-profits is Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii. It’s an extremely well-run organization, and their impact on the community is immense.
I encourage anyone who has an interest in Habitat to check out the national website or the local website. Their list of accomplishment is vast and their management of resources is impressive.
As with most non-profits, they need to fund raise. Houses are not built for free, even though a lot of materials and most of the human power is donated, there are still costs.
One way you can support Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii is to eat at the Kona Denny’s this Sunday from 4pm to 9pm. During this time, 100% of tips to the special guest servers and 20% of all food and drink sales will go directly to help Habitat with their next build project. All you have to do is eat! How easy is that!
Hope to see you at Denny’s this Sunday night!