Online Marketing: Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Fear of making decisions and moving forward can be a business killer. By not taking action, whether it is a new online marketing campaign or buying some new equipment, will guarantee that tomorrow is the same as today. That’s right, no action guarantees that your status tomorrow will be the same as today. Don’t seek out new clients, and voila, you have no new clients.
Now, let’s take the business owner who knows that she doesn’t know, but, after looking at the issues, decides to move forward with a new website, a marketing campaign or adds some graphics to the store windows. Sure, she has taken a risk–expended capital and time (another form of capital–but we know for certain that she will have a different future compared to if she didn’t do anything. Only¬† when you seek out new opportunities do you find them
Waiting in a morass of what I call “analysis paralysis” is not action. It guarantees no movement.
Sure, the unknown can be scary and full of risk, but avoiding all risk is not how businesses become successful.
At Kona Impact, we specialize in helping our clients get beyond analysis paralysis and start taking action. We sincerely believe having us as you coach, adviser, helper, advocate, etc, will reduce your risk and maximize your opportunities. We work with hundreds of businesses a year and have a pretty good idea what is fruitful and fruity, what is useful and what is useless.
Hiring an experienced, professional team does not guarantee success. It does, however, help you make decisions that set you up for the best opportunities for success.
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