General Printing

General Printing in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

One of the big challenges for many businesses when it comes to printing in Kona, Hawaii is finding a reliable supplier that can get jobs done professionally, in a reasonable amount of time, and at a reasonable cost.

Doing it yourself with an online printer involves your time and the risk of doing it wrong. You’ll also probably pay a “retail” rate instead of Kona Impacts “trade + reasonable markup rate”, which usually results in a savings in print cost, time cost and no risk of getting it wrong.

Smart businesses know that the do-it-yourself routine is very expensive, especially when you consider total employee costs and the high probability that the print job may not be set up correctly and result in time and cost problems.

We at Kona Impact have decades of experience designing and printing material. We can ensure that your print job is done quickly at cost that is much less expensive than other providers. We do this by developing reseller relationships with Mainland printers and passing the cost savings on to our clients. If you add to our low prices the savings a business can realize by having someone else design, set up and manage print projects, you’ll see the a huge value in choosing Kona Impact.

We have excellent design capabilities, so if you would like us to design your project, our design services is where to start. If you have a print-ready file, please review our guidelines for quality and how to submit files to us.

Business cards – The one essential for every business owner. There are many options for business cards, including paper stock (heavyweight, linen), cut (rounded corners, oval, traditional), coating (UV, spot UV, matte), and color (one-side, two-sides). We have even done laser-cut cards!

We do not do “short run,” less than 500 card orders. If you need cards within a few days, please visit any of our local copy shops as they are better able to accommodate short run cards printed on a photo copier. All our business cards are professionally offset printed. The quality is very high and there are many choices of paper weight and coatings, but they take about 5 days from design approval.

Rack Cards – If your business deals with visitors to the island, you’ll want to consider rack cards. These are 4” x 9” cards, usually with a UV coating and printed on heavy card stock. Kona Impact can help you navigate the world of rack cards in Kona. Just ask! 

Brochures – These are (usually) six panels of information on an 81/2” x 11” glossy sheet, folded in thirds. Brochures are a great way to describe your products or services, though they can be a challenge to put together, as it pays to be very concise and clear in your message. Kona Impact has made tens of thousands of brochures over the years, so we can help a lot with design and wording. 

Other products we create and sell include: sell sheets, letterhead, door hangers, presentation folders, and just about anything that can be printed.