Coffee Farms

Kona Coffee Farm Marketing Services and Products

One of the great things about living in Kona, Hawaii is the coffee! We believe that Kona coffee at its best is unsurpassed in quality in the world. We are avid Kona coffee drinkers; in fact, we roast green sourced from local farms twice a week for our morning drip coffee and our afternoon espressos.

We are very passionate about supporting local agriculture, in general, and Kona coffee farmers, in particular. There is nothing more “Kona” than Kona coffee and coffee farming.

Coffee farms in Kona have many unique challenges when in comes to selling roasted coffee. With approximately 300 farms in the Kona region, many of which want to sell coffee directly to consumers, the market is very competitive.

Our design and marketing offerings for Kona coffee farms include:

Logo design

Label design

Label printing

Website design, including full e-commerce solutions

Search engine optimization

Search engine marketing

Vehicle graphics and magnets

Farmers Market banners and signs

Farm signs

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