great ideas

Five Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Doing everything yourself is almost always more expensive in the short and long term than hiring professionals. A good rule of thumb is only to learn new skills that are important to your business and ones that will do many times. Learning how to make your own website is a waste of time, as you’ll […]

chance or change

Reasons for Change in Your Online Marketing – Reasons for Caution

There are several reasons why people change their online marketing: They get pitched something by a marketing company. This might be a cold call, an unsolicited email, or a suggestion from a trusted marketing partner or provider. They see their competitor doing something and want to do the same. They independently research something and want […]

politics and business

Thoughts About Mixing Politics and Business

I was driving by a popular business in town this morning, and I saw a large banner for one of our mayoral candidates hanging from the railings of the business. I actually saw several businesses with signs for politicians on their buildings.  What are the upsides to promoting a candidate at your place of business? […]