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What Small Businesses Asks of Government

I’m admittedly not an overly political person. I don’t watch news about politics for the most part, and if one of my Facebook “friends” posts anything political or partisan, I unfriend them immediately. That said, I do vote in every election and do, on occasion, donate to causes and candidates that I support.  I run […]

Can you print on guitar picks?

We’ve kind of become known as the place for unique jobs. Can you print on guitar picks? The other questions: “Can you have this done in 3 days? Can you do 250? We took a trip to our local music store the check on their guitar pick inventory. With all the parts aligned, we said […]

Sign Shop Secrets – What We Wish Customers Knew

Every industry has its secrets; the signage industry is no exception. While not true of all shops, here are some things I would love those interested in buying signs in Hawaii would know. Price Quotes are Often Apples to Oranges If you get a really low price quote, it’s probably not comparable to the higher […]

Uncommon Sense: Helping Small Businesses

Kona Impact has been in existence for more than 16 years in a small, physically isolated community in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Our town has about 35,000 residents and our island, the Big Island / Hawaii Island, has about 220,000 residents. We get a few million tourists every year, so we’re […]

Ironman World Championship’s Economic Impact

Every year I see many people in our West Hawaii community (and, indeed many from afar) complain about the effect Ironman has on our community. In the past, Ironman basically took over the main tourist area and one of our two main north-to-south highways for one Saturday in October for the race. This year they […]

Opportunity Lost: The Money You Didn’t Make Because of Long Lines

One of the things we like to think about in marketing is the amount of money you didn’t make by doing something poorly. For example, the lack of an online presence (website, claimed Google Business listing, etc.) guarantees that people who want to find what you have won’t. Massive opportunity lost. Wait times, guests leaving […]

Three Ways to Do Direct Mail for Small Businesses

Though we’re primarily a digital marketing company, we love doing direct mail campaigns. As a company with a local focus and one with mostly a business-to-business model, we have found that reaching out directly to businesses in the mail has very high returns on investment. There are three ways to do direct mail: 1) use […]

Would You Pick Up Penny? The Value of Things

I’ve been running an experiment for the past week. I dropped a penny in the walkway outside of my office to see how long it would take someone to pick it up. It’s not a well-traveled path, but there are probably twenty people who go by it a day, including my employees. The penny has […]