Would You Pick Up Penny? The Value of Things

I’ve been running an experiment the past week. I dropped a penny in the walkway outside of my office to see how long it would take someone to pick it up. It’s not a well-traveled path, but there are probably twenty people who go by it a day, including my employees. The penny has been […]

Kona Impact Donates a Truck Load of School Supplies

It pains me to see kids who do not receive the support they need to become lifelong learners. No kid should start the school day hungry and without needed school supplies. If we can’t meet these basic needs, there is no way we’re going to see our keiki achieve the love of learning and the […]

Submit your TMT testimony

The Thirty Meter Telescope is probably the most contentious project in Hawaii. Both sides have made their points, and there is probably not a lot that is going to persuade someone to change sides. As a parent, long-term resident, and business owner, I see the TMT as broadly positive for our community. I will not […]

Client Spotlight: Tamarock Construction

One of the most gratifying parts of running Kona Impact is to help locally-owned small and medium-sized businesses. These are the engine of our economy, and they are the companies that do and sell the things that make living in Kona, Hawaii more comfortable. Tamarock Construction is one such business. They are specialists in all […]

Some of my Pet Peeves at Work

A little rant on a Friday morning: Here are  my Top Ten Pet Peeves when running Kona Impact The clients who promise feedback on Monday and don’t do so until late Thursday and then expect their project done on Friday morning. Companies that continue to send unsolicited emails (SPAM) after we unsubscribe. Our neighbors who […]

The Lifespan of Different Sign Materials

One question we always get is, “How long will this last?” It’s a great question. We will usually respond with some questions of our own: Is it for indoor or outdoor use? 2. If outdoors, will it face North, South, East, or West? 3. Will it be in a particularly hot area (low elevation, by […]

Opportunity Lost: The Money You Didn’t Make Because of Long Lines

One of the things we like to think about in marketing is the amount of money you didn’t make by doing something poorly. For example, the lack of an online presence (website, claimed Google Business listing, etc.) guarantees that people who want to find what you have won’t. Massive opportunity lost. Wait times, guests leaving […]

SPAM email

Why We Never Send Unsolicited Bulk Email: SPAM

Every week, I get SPAM email pitches to buy email lists in my Inbox. Ironic, isn’t it? I have also come across many ways to buy email lists online. I’ve even seen software that will scrape websites, LinkedIn profiles, and Facebook profiles for email addresses by zip code. As appealing as they are, Kona Impact […]

A Non-Political Comment on Candidates: Buying Local

I strongly believe in keeping my political beliefs out of office. My office is where I do business, and I meet an incredible variety of people of all political persuasions–from anarchists to the far left and right. Most are somewhere in between, but where they are on the political spectrum is not of any concern […]