What is the best sign material?

This, of course, is way too non-specific that the question cannot be answered with anything more than, “it depends.” At Kona Impact, we love to work with clients to determine the optimal material for their sign needs. For some short-term interior use, we might recommend a heavy poster material, and for a long-term exterior sign, […]

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Wood Signs in Hawaii

Signs Made of Wood Wood is a common substrate for signs in Hawaii, but it has many limitations. Wood is a natural and versatile material that can be easily shaped, sanded, and painted. It can create a rustic or natural aesthetic, and it’s widely available. However, wood is not as durable as some other materials, […]

metal sign

Is metal a good sign substrate?

Metal can be a good substrate for signs because it is durable and can withstand outdoor conditions. Additionally, it can be painted or printed on and is resistant to fading and wear. However, it is also relatively heavy and may require specialized tools for installation. Other materials, such as PVC or acrylic may also be […]

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What Many Small Businesses in Hawaii Ask of Government

I’m admittedly not an overly political person. I don’t watch news about politics for the most part, and if one of my Facebook “friends” posts anything political or partisan, I unfriend them immediately. That said, I do vote in every election and do, on occasion, donate to causes and candidates that I support.  Why Government […]