A Few Things You May Not Know About Kona Impact

We hate wasting money, ours or our clients’. If there is a way to save our clients some money, perhaps by substituting a material for a more appropriate one, we will discuss it with the client.  We do not believe the customer is always right. For example, we’ll have some new clients come in and […]

“Forever Signs” in Hawaii

All signs have a lifespan in Hawaii. Banners are the classic temporary sign. They work wonderfully as an inexpensive temporary sign, but we always caution our clients that they are not going to last years outdoors (though, if protected from sun and wind they can). Wood, in our experience, is almost always a horrible sign […]

COVID, Masks and Mandates: Kona Impact’s Choice

First, let me say that I’ve always believed in following policy and procedures that are supported by the current best understanding of the scientific community. Follow the science. Simple. To that end, I have been double-vaccinated and boosted. I used the highest-grade masks I could: N95. I kept my distance and installed several HEPA filters […]

Kona Impact Makes Metal Signs

We know that some of our customers want “forever” signs. This might be a special sign in the lobby or one that is outdoors. One option for this type of sign is to make it out of metal. You’ll often see these one rock walls for business properties and condos. The alternatives–wood, PVC, cast plastic–have […]

Sucking all the air out of the room

Not so long ago, I was talking with an employee of a local company. I asked her how she likes working there.  She said, in an exasperated tone, that her boss “just sucks all the air out of the room” when he’s in the office. That expression has been stuck in my head since then. […]

Random Thoughts on Running a Business

My city is small and living on an island guarantees a small market, but I will do my best to make sure that every potential customer in my location knows that I exist. I may not be the smartest person (that’s for certain), but I will work harder and longer than those who rely purely […]

Reciprocity, Buying Local and Living Local

I received an interesting message on a social media platform this week. The message was from a person I know through our children’s mutual activities and, in a more general sense as a fellow business person in Kona. It went, “ If you are going to order bulk cards this holiday season would you use […]

trust concept

Gaining and Losing Trust in Business Relationships

Trust is perhaps the most fundamental pillar of any business. Without it, your customers and clients will find others with which to do business. We all know what happens when we lose trust in someone in a personal relationship, and we can expect the same adverse outcomes in business. Yesterday, I saw a story of […]

cake shop

Advice to Younger Entrepreneurs

We are very passionate about entrepreneurism at Kona Impact. It is wonderfully exciting to speak with people about their business ideas and goals, especially younger entrepreneurs who may not have significant business experience yet are full of energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. New, young entrepreneurs have a lot going for them. They… understand the youth markets […]