marketing plans are not straighforward

When is the best time to market your business or product?

I had a wonderfully interesting conversation with a rental business  owner last weekend. He rents equipment, mostly for tourists, but also some locals. He has five items which he can rent each day, either for a half-day or a whole day. Two halves make more than one whole, but one whole day rental makes more […]

kona impact donation

Kona Impact donates school supplies to area youth

There are few things in life more disheartening that, due to economic circumstances, kids can’t reach their full potential. We all say we’re equal, but the truth is we’re not. There are kids in our community that simply do not have families that have an extra $75 to buy what they need for school. It’s […]

Custom Bottle Engraving and Printing in Kona, Hawaii

One of the things we did at Kona Impact during COVID was to look at ways we can expand our offerings. To do that we bought a flatbed printer and an 800-lb laser engraver/cutter. Both can do some incredible things, and as we move into summer we’re ready to start offering these products to a […]

do it yourself sign design

Five Tips for Do It Yourself Sign Design

As the tools for graphic design have proliferated, so, too, has the desire for some to create their own sign designs. As a sign shop owner, I see this as a double-edged sword: it’s great that some clients can create what they want and provide us with a high-quality print file, BUT we also have […]

busy schedule

That’s a Good Problem! Or is it? Dealing with Too Much Work

Nearly every business I know is going through an extremely busy time. After over a year of COVID protocols, many people are now traveling, going out to eat and making purchases they put off due to the uncertainty.  At Kona Impact, we are very busy with new business openings and helping established businesses refresh, rejuvenate […]

Some Big Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Kona Impact has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years. Many of these have been seasoned veterans of the business world, and many are starting their first business. We have been able to learn a lot from both.  This post will focus on some of the big mistakes new entrepreneurs make. Getting stuck in […]

2021 business trends

Business 2021: Three Trends that Will Continue

Last year was not all bad; many businesses grew unexpectedly, and some new trends emerged and will likely persist. For example, few people “Zoomed” meetings, and companies did not know what PPE was or how important it would be to have hand sanitizers, masks, and air movement in their place of work. At Kona Impact, […]

positive business

Business 2020: What Did We Learn?

2020 was a year like no other for most businesses. We went into spring with most companies firing on all cylinders and healthy profits for most economic sectors. Then came the pandemic, and some businesses went to zero, with a few of them staying there throughout the year, with others coming back a bit, but […]