kona impact donates truckload of school supplies
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Kona Impact Donates Truck Load of School Supplies to Local School Children

On Saturday, Kona Impact loaded two shopping carts filled to the brim with school supplies for local Keiki. That included 60 three-ring binders, hundreds of file folders, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, glue sticks, colored pencils, and the entire remaining stock of Wal-Mart’s graph paper. As a former educator, I know that students who don’t have the […]

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October 15 – Hawaii’s Recovery Begins

Today marks the beginning of something different in Hawaii: the return of tourism. Since March of this year, we’ve seen a 98% drop in tourist arrival, mostly due to a mandatory 14-day quarantine imposed by the State of Hawaii and numerous County of Hawaii rules. Good or bad, it is what is it, and there’s […]

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When Will My Project Be Done?….and How to Get the Answer We Know You Want!

In nearly 15 years in business, we’d heard just about every question imaginable. Some questions, though, we hear every week. When we hear these questions, we have a pretty good idea of the desired answers. Here’s our top question. When can you complete the project? About 95% of the time, the desired answer is “now., […]

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Tourism Opening in Hawaii: Considerations for Businesses

Tourism in Kona, Hawaii, is the lifeblood of our economy. Hotels, restaurants, small retail, and all the businesses that are supported by them have had a significant part of their livelihood taken away from them since mid-March. Tour businesses and most hotels have had zero revenue, and most restaurants are operating at a fraction of […]

S.O.S – Save Our Sign

We often hear, “How long will a sign last?” Our snarky inner selves would love to answer, “Six years, forty-seven days”, but we know that’s not what the client is really asking. The client wants to have some idea, ballpark even when the sign will need to be replaced. We still can’t give a very […]