July 2023
As a business owner, I can never ask my employees to do something without the proper tools. I am adamant about ensuring we have everything necessary to get our work done efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, many of our local keiki (children) are sent to school daily without the necessary tools to succeed. It may be...
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The most recent iteration of the Grateful Dead, Dead and Company, will cease to exist in its current iteration. Never say never, but this appears to be the end. The entity that’s the Dead has been making music for 58 years, despite the death of Jerry Garcia, their lead guitarist, in 1995, as well as...
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over thinking
We had a client some time ago that opened a new retail-related business. Their opening day was the 1st of the month, so their expenses–rent, employees, utilities, etc.– were accruing daily. It was a new business, so they were starting at the bottom regarding marketing. They did, however, have a great location on a busy...
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