May 2022
stop gesture
There has been a lot of talk recently about an impending recession. For certain, the stock market has had some huge losses lately; inflation is very high; supply chains are a mess, and nearly every business is short of competent staff. Taken together, as well as adding an inflated housing market, rising credit card debt,...
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We Value and Support Our Clients We hate wasting money, ours or our clients. If there is a way to save our clients some money, perhaps by substituting a material for a more appropriate one, we will discuss it with the client.  We do not believe the customer is always right. For example, we’ll have...
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All signs have a lifespan in Hawaii. Banners are the classic temporary sign. They work wonderfully as an inexpensive temporary sign, but we always caution our clients that they are not going to last years outdoors (though, if protected from sun and wind they can). Wood, in our experience, is almost always a horrible sign...
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