March 2022
First, let me say that I’ve always believed in following policy and procedures that are supported by the current best understanding of the scientific community. Follow the science. Simple. To that end, I have been double-vaccinated and boosted. I used the highest-grade masks I could: N95. I kept my distance and installed several HEPA filters...
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We know that some of our customers want “forever” signs. This might be a special sign in the lobby or one that is outdoors. One option for this type of sign is to make it out of metal. You’ll often see these one rock walls for business properties and condos. The alternatives–wood, PVC, cast plastic–have...
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business network
Not so long ago, I was talking with an employee of a local company. I asked her how she likes working there.  She said, in an exasperated tone, that her boss “just sucks all the air out of the room” when he’s in the office. That expression has been stuck in my head since then....
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